How to use this Blog

What is a blog?

A weblog, shortened to blog, is an informal journal where the content is often referred to as blog posts or entries. It differs from a website in that the content is often changing rather than static, and all posts are listed in an Archive. The Archive is a reverse chronological listing of all entries since the blog started.

Visitors are encouraged to comment on the entries, to add new opinions or share thoughts about them.

You can think of this blog as an online magazine or newspaper all about Grasshopper Island, where text, photos and even video clips can be found. 

How to use the blog

Some visitors will simply visit, browse the Archive and read some articles (posts). Others might like to comment on a particular post or topic before leaving. We use a platform called Blogger to display the blog posts. A Google account such as Gmail is needed in order to add a comment. But if you prefer only to browse, you can do that without a Google account.


A listing of all of the post content in reverse chronological order.


A clickable list of various labels which have been assigned to photos and video entries throughout the blog. 


A useful tool which auto translates the text into different languages.


The layout of the blog will look different depending on the device you are using to view it. On large screens the blog will have a "side panel" to the left, which displays the blog title, a small logo and access to the Archive. You will see a reference to Labels and the Translate feature too.

On mobile devices, it will have a small clickable icon, which must be clicked to reveal the side panel.


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