What became of the musical trunk?


Above: A page revealing the trunk in the 1971 book and a clip from the TV series

I suppose as a grown up, part of the attraction with the story of Smarty, Toughy and Mouse is printed right there at the top of page 15 of my 1971 Armada edition of Grasshopper Island:

"Most people try to escape at some time or another" 

It's certainly a relatable statement for those of us who dream of escaping the toils of life, the proverbial daily grind. And if we are lucky, we do get to escape at some time or another for a vacation. But when we pack our belongings in preparation for our travels, it is highly unlikely that we pop to the attic, and fetch our very own musical trunk! Unlike Toughy, Smarty and Mouse - we are left with no choice but to pack that unwieldy gramophone (should we wish to have music on arrival).

And so it was one dreary afternoon that I found myself wondering about the trunk that featured so prominently in the book and TV series. "Imagine", I thought, "that it still exists somewhere!". Now I am very fortunate to count amongst my friends, a gentleman and fellow founder of this little blog, Uli from Germany. And Uli, as it happens, is the man who first revealed the wonders of Grasshopper Island to me. So fond is he of the 1971 book and television series, that he has been in regular correspondence with the author Joy Whitby for a great many years! 

So in conversation with Uli one day I happened to mention my meandering thoughts and specifically the idea that perhaps we could enquire about the musical trunk. Whatever became of it? Was it discarded after the TV series finished? Would Joy remember a mere TV prop and it's destiny after all of these years?

So dear reader if you, like I, have ever wondered what became of the musical trunk - wonder no more! We are delighted to share the amazing image of the photogenic Lucy atop the musical trunk, flanked by her cat. So now the question becomes ... is it really a musical trunk? Well that, dear reader, is a mystery that must be answered another day.

- CM

Joy's grand daughter enjoyed Grasshopper Island as a child.  She has kept the trunk as a souvenir ever since.


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