The Little House - Artwork

Here is a wonderful sketch that was made by a young man who happens to be the son of Frank Muir. Frank Muir played the part rival grasshopper expert Dr. Hopper in the final episodes of the series. The sketch was created on location in Corsica in 1970 and is a detailed study of the "Little House" within which the boys created their home. We are told that the house was a real building which existed near Monticello and possibly still exists to this day!

We are delighted to receive a picture of this wonderful artwork which was sent to us by Lucy, a dedicated Grasshopper Island fan and granddaughter of Joy Whitby. The young artist signed it "PJ Muir" and can only have been a teenager himself when he completed this wonderful sketch. The original sketch was gifted to Joy and her family after the production. We are delighted to include it on our blog! We feel very privileged indeed!

If you are the artist or know anything else about this wonderful little building - we would love for you to leave a positive comment below.

- CM

Above: A sketch made in August 1970 of the "little house" where the boys set up their home on Grasshopper Island . Artist: PJ Muir.


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